Dr Seuss band


 Dr. Seuss Band Is another Seuss title with Oceanhouse. Dr Seuss band was a huge hit on its release and continues to hold a very large audience. The combinations of instruments and sounds are vast. You can swipe and change instruments on the fly. Freeplay or play along with classic Dr. Seuss songs. 33N designed and created all the assets for Dr. Seuss Band.






From sticky note sketches to CGI, all the instruments for Dr Seuss Band were designed to reflect the Dr Seuss style. below are renders of all the instruments created for the title. Each instrument was animated to bring it to life within the app.





★ Editor's Choice Award 4.9 stars out of 5! - Children's Technology Review
★ #1 Music Game and #1 Kids Game in US, Canada, and Australia! Dec 2011
★ Superb graphics, easy to use interface. Entertaining for everyone! - App Advice
★ Featured in "2012 Best Apps for Kids" - Lilsugar
★ Featured in "Best Apps for Children" - Gadgetwise, New York Times
★ "Wonderful, Seussical fun for all! - iPhone Mom
★ "Absolutely love this app 5 stars out of 5!" - Musicians with Apps
★ "Packed with personality! Stands out in the crowded music genre." - Apple-n-apps

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