The Garden: This piece was created in 1995, 22 years ago. This image, perhaps above all others represents the foundation of what 33North is today. Created just for fun with Strata Studio Pro software (a very robust 3d development package for the day and currently). At that time I realized, with attention to detail and patience anything is possible. 


Why 33North?

Phoenix Arizona and The Giza Plateau in Egypt both lie at 33 degrees North latitude. That's where it begins.  


33North is a full service design studio located in Phoenix Arizona. We specialize in agency level visual communication solutions for clients of all sizes.

Founded in 2005 by Frank Vitale, 33North has consistently helped its clients stay abreast of the latest technologies helping them to maintain a firm foothold in an ever changing environment. Going back as far as the early 90’s Frank aimed to deliver the highest-level 3d illustrations and animations providing clients with a sharp, clean, cutting edge look to their brands. Much of the work in those formative years focused on product visualization - photo realistic 3d renderings of products and processes. This work continues to be a staple of 33North to this day. Frank also spent several years in the entertainment business, producing and art directing for visual effects, and video game projects. Serving as Art Director at Presto Studios, one of the industry's most awarded game production companies. Frank also filled the role of visual effects artist on such films at Titanic, Dr Doolittle, Spawn and Deep Rising. The strict requirements of these positions helped to create a strong base that would later become the foundation for 33North.

With the emergence of social media and personal smart devices 33North moved into the development of mobile application solutions. Sought out by the San Diego company OceanHouse Media Frank filled the role of art director and assisted in the building of a foundation suite of apps from which Oceanhouse Media's vast library evolved. - 602.750.7407 (call me)