The Lorax Garden

Lorax Garden another game created for Dr Seuss, with Oceanhouse Media. It’s based on the Dr. Seuss Classic “The Lorax”. You are tasked with re-growing the Truffula Tree forests and restoring the lands. In the game you grow Truffula Trees and Flowers and plant them until all 10 scenes are back to their natural state. Once a scene is done you can email it to your friends. This is a real-time 3d game where you can rotate the Truffula pot to view your tree from all angles.











★ #4 Free App on the iPhone - March 2012
★Selected by Apple in "Apps for Earth Day" - April 2011
★3.5 stars out of 4 - USA Today
★ "Absolutely fantastic, one of the best iPhone games we’ve ever played" -
★"The perfect game for kids" - Appmodo
★"Game with a cute theme for a good price" - MacGamer
★"Well-suited for kids" - Gamezebo
★ "I’d say it’s a hit" - The iPhone Mom
★ "A fantastic simulation game for kids!" - PadGadget

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